Winter Without Ice Day (Dna z całodobowym mrozem)

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Autor Wątek: Winter Without Ice Day (Dna z całodobowym mrozem)  (Przeczytany 2022 razy)

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Winter Without Ice Day (Dna z całodobowym mrozem)
« dnia: Styczeń 22, 2018, 22:34:12 pm »
In Czech meteorology Ice day means that Tmax of this day is bellow zero (it not included Tmax 0.0). Tmax in Czech climatological stations is between 21-21 mean solar time, the same like Tmin. It looks that Tmax by Ogimet is reported in 06 and 18 UTC. However, you can put and time for Tmax, if you put time 23 UTC, then Tmax and Tmin will be between 00 and 24 UTC our time (not Summer time).

But what is important, I have never found winter without ice day in Czech or Slovakia. It means that every winter in every meteorological station has at least one ice day. There were years without ice day - Praha Klementimun 1974 and 2015, Praha Karlov at least 2015, probably 1974, and maybe some more stations. But winter without ice hady haven't been yet. We will see 10th April for this winter.

Now, it can be winter 2017-2018 without ice day. Praha Libus has already one ice day with Tmax -0.1. Praha Klementinum and Praha Karlov seems to be without ice day this winter. And station Doksany is without ice day still. The same situation is in Wroclaw II.

Wroclaw II:


Praha Libus:

Unfortunately, data from Praha Karlov and Praha Klementinum are not aviable.

However Sniezka (booth stations, Czech and Polish) has already Arctic day this Winter

Wind gust is badly decoded.

Arctic day is day with Tmax -10.0 C and less (including -10.0).

On the another side, Siberia had -60 or even -65 degrees frost. Record from synoptic station is -59.3

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Odp: Winter Without Ice Day (Dna z całodobowym mrozem)
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: Luty 08, 2018, 00:16:31 am »
Nobody know about Winter without ice day (dna s celodobowym mrazom, Tmax bellow 0, Ledovy den) ?


However answer about it was found for Czech Republic. There was winter without Ice Day, it was winter 1974-1975. 8 stations from (cca 250-300) stations has winter without day with Tmax bellow 0.

This table
is with stations without Ice day in this winter and the lowest maximum daily temperature for every month (prosinec=December, leden=January,unor=February). Stations in Prague, including Klementinum and Karlov in center, had ice day(s).

And current winter 2017-2018.

It was too 8 stations without Ice day (Tmax bellow 0) until 5th February.

Interesting is that no station is in both winters (2017-2018 and 1974-1975), some stations haven't operated in both winters. And yesterday 6th February, station Usti nad Labem Vanov had Tmax -0.1, so only 7 stations without ice day left now for this winter.

Winter 2006-2007. All stations has at least one Ice day during colder wave 23-27.1.2007.

Winter 2014-2015. There was cold episode around 27.12.2014 and all stations had at least one Ice day.



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Odp: Winter Without Ice Day (Dna z całodobowym mrozem)
« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: Marzec 05, 2018, 03:33:47 am »
Winter 2017-2018 is not without ice day in any station in Czech Republic, Slovakia, or Poland. And Ice day (Tmax bellow zero) appeared much more south and west - in Great Britain, south France and Spain, coastal areas in Medditarean sea. There was pieces of ice in shallow long bays in Great Britain. T850 felt bellow -20 (Prague Libus -20.5 Prostejov -20.3 and Poprad Ganovce -20.5), ThetaE850 felt to -6.3 in Prague soundings.
The snowing was occurred far south too.

Only one winter was few stations in Czech Republic without Ice Day - winter 1974-1975.

Here is table with 8 stations - in the left stations without ice day during winter 1974-1975 and lowest daily maximum temperature for every month. Right collum is for stations with winter without ice day, but until 31.1.2018 (it was eight stations too, none station both of winters).

25.2.2018 was ice day with Tmax bellow 0.0 in All Czech station.

Winter without ice day 1974-1975:
Plana u Ceskych Budejovic, lowest Tmax +0.1 in December
Solenice, Lowest Tmax in December +0.3
Borkovice, Lowest Tmax +0.5 in December and February
Caslav, Lowest Tmax +0.6 in December
Kolin, Lowest Tmax +0.4 in December
Pardubice, lowest Tmax +0.2 in December
Neumetely, LOwest Tmax +0.1 in February
Boletice, Lowest Tmax +0.4 in February

It can be ice day in November, March or even April, October, but this Winter was not.

Stations without ice day in winter 2017-2018 until 31.1.2018:
Dyjakovice, Lowest Tmax +0.1 in December
Dobrichovice, Lowest Tmax +0.4 in December
Kralupy nad Vltavou, Lowest Tmax +0.1 in January
Praha Karlov, Lowest Tmax +0.6 in December
Praha Klementinum, Lowest Tmax +1.9 in December
Doksany, Lowest Tmax +0.2 in January
Usti nad Labem, Vanov, Lowest Tmax +0.4 in January
Decin Lowest Tmax +0.8 in December.

There was no ice day in October-November on these stations. And for example Praha Libus has first day wit frost 26th November, and first day with frost (Tmin bellow 0) in center of Prague - Prague Klementinum, was 2nd December.

And there is in many stations record for latest first Ice day (Tmax bellow 0) in winter. It was in Doksany this winter 25th February. All stations have Tmax bellow 0 25th February.

There is table with stations without Tmax bellow 0.0 in winter 1974-1975 and this winter until 31.1.2018.

Source and article in Czech info-meterological web site: